Once your personas are in place, we define clear segmentation criteria to differentiate personas based on their behavior in Webanalye. In parallel, we develop so-called action triggers and personalized address scenarios for each target group. The link between segments and marketing channels, such as website, display banner or newsletter, then enables a personalized approach. We create the strategy and implemented for you the technology and marketing measures.

Your advantages

You learn more about the buyer segments and address the customers in a personalized way:

  • Customer-centric strategies with clear customer segments
  • More response due to personalization
  • Higher customer loyalty and repurchase rates
  • More ROI due to personalized marketing/li>
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Ready for more customer focus?

Especially in times when the competition is getting stronger and stronger, a targeted approach to the target group is crucial for the success of a company. Personalization helps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty because consumers are more likely to buy from brands that know their name and purchase history. We offer your company an efficient way to use customer data to deliver content and experiences across all channels that consumers perceive as timely, contextual, and personalized.