Through the eyes of the customer

At the beginning, the task of the company must be to find out what the customers need. This is exactly what Faktor K specializes in. Tools like persona mapping or customer journey analysis, teach companies to see through the eyes of the customer. These tools help companies put the customer first. The customer journey begins at the very moment a customer makes contact with a company – by whatever means. This “customer journey” says a lot about the customer himself and his needs and desires. That’s why it’s so important for companies to know their customers’ customer journey. In this way, companies can also influence the customer experience.

Many target groups, one goal?

Today, every company has an answer when asked about marketing strategy. But was this actually tailored to the needs of the customer? The challenge of a marketing strategy is usually that a company does not have just one target group. In addition, customers do not all come into contact with the company at the same touchpoints and then also have completely different needs.



I have come to know Faktor K as absolute marketing professionals. The customer is the focus and with a lot of commitment and hands-on mentality our marketing concept projects were driven forward and implemented.

Sabine Engler

Head of Customer Engagement, Manor AG

With the instrument of customer journey analysis, marketing strategies can be controlled in a stringent and customer-oriented manner. The special thing about it: colleagues and other departments are integrated and inspired. In the company, the mantra “The customer is king” can thus actually be internalized and lived in all places.
So much for the theory. But how does a customer journey analysis work in practice? The first thing to do is to recognize the framework that each company has. How is the company positioned, what is “its” story, what is its promise to customers? What goals does it have. At Faktor K, we use focus interviews, workshops, and data analysis for this purpose.

Marketing strategy with customer journey

After that, it is important to identify the company’s target groups. For this purpose, too, we recommend high-quality and quantitative methods such as mystery shopping, customer surveys, focus group interviews, customer data analyses as well as study and market data. As a result, we create meaningful personas, which are fictitious individuals representing a target group. When we know the personas, it is easier to predict customers’ needs, reactions and goals. For each persona, the touchpoints in the customer journey are defined and prioritized. Subsequently, it is questioned which needs the personas have on each touchpoint and marketing channel and whether these are already fulfilled.

With this approach, it is possible to develop a clear action plan with often more than 120 measures. The strategy is always closely linked to the customer journey and serves to strategically implement the marketing mix, consisting of the marketing instruments product policy, pricing policy, distribution policy and communication policy. What is guaranteed in all these measures is that the customers are at the center of the entire project.

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Efficient marketing can contribute greatly to the success in the company. Used correctly, marketing not only helps to attract new customers, but also to consistently increase profitability.

The marketing and the corresponding marketing measures are always directed at the target group. Targets, strategy and marketing instruments are all geared to the target customers. However, the heart of marketing is the marketing concept, which describes all marketing measures in detail.

A mature marketing concept determines which channels and marketing initiatives should be used to achieve the set business goals. It also specifies at what time which measures will take place.
It includes defining the persona(s), pricing, and what features will set your company apart from the competition. A holistic marketing concept thus forms the foundation for the design of your entire marketing.

Customer journey mapping describes the way of working within customer experience management, i.e. the complete customer journey to the product. In doing so, you look at your company from the customer’s perspective and can better understand the customer relationship. This visualizes in detail the entire customer journey map represented by specific personas.