We work closely with you to develop a customized strategy for your user journey. Our services include:

  • Data analysis of the customer journey
  • Customer surveys
  • Target group analysis
  • Target/Actual Customer Journey Map
  • Touchpoint optimization concept with concrete recommendations for action
  • Coaching and support during implementation
  • Personalization concepts and data-based marketing

Your advantages

Look through the eyes of your clientele and you get:

  • All touchpoints and marketing channels at a glance
  • Concrete optimization proposals per touchpoint
  • Better understanding of customer preferences and behavior
  • Clear target/actual situation per touchpoint including measures
  • Putting aside the internal view, putting on customer glasses

Companies that trust us for customer journey analysis

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Let’s discuss your Customer Journey

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Let’s discuss your Customer Journey

Our references and projects on customer journey analysis

With our Customer Journey Analysis, you will learn to understand your customers’ behavior and preferences. You start to see through the customer’s glasses. This means: You experience what it means to be able to empathize with the customer. Our customers appreciate that we, as a customer journey agency, optimize all touchpoints or selected channels such as websites with our analysis. In doing so, we emphasize a foundation on data analysis, artificial intelligence, customer surveys and target group analysis, so that our statements are validated and comprehensible. Our concepts are concrete and often include more than 120 concrete optimization measures in addition to the strategy. Of course, we also support them during implementation and help to continuously improve your customer journey.

The marketing term Customer Journey, also called Buyer’s Journey or Users Journey, defines the stages your clientele goes through before he or she decides to buy a product or service and beyond. As an optimal tool, customer journey analysis can perfectly align communication and user experience with individual touchpoints to meet the needs of your different target groups.

Successful touchpoint management recognizes the most important touchpoints between customers and companies in order to optimally accompany customers through the customer journey. It is the task of companies to know and manage these fundamental touch points. Customer touchpoint management refers to corporate measures aimed at providing customers with the most positive experience possible across all touchpoints with a company. Touchpoint management initiatives are primarily aimed at strengthening customer relationships, generating new customers, and optimizing customer purchasing processes.

With customer experience management, a company controls and orchestrates customer interactions. With coordinated measures, CEM pursues the goal of improving the customer experience via the contact points (touchpoints) and creating memorable experiences. In developing and designing a comprehensive customer experience, you will secure a competitive advantage and unique market differentiation in the future.