Develop strategies

How customer-centric are we? How do I optimize my marketing, sales and customer service? What data and tools do we need?

CX Audit

Marketing audit

Marketing and sales strategy




Understanding customer needs

How can I offer my customers real added value and recognize their needs? What growth potential exists for my company and how do I define my future customers?

Target group analysis

Persona creation

Customer Journey Analysis

Customer Journey Optimization

Implement external communication

How do I realize an effective customer approach for every day? How do I interact with target groups in a personalized way? How do I use automated customer communication?

Website relaunch

E-commerce optimization

Digital marketing


Marketing Automation



Expanding technologies and capabilities

How can we get all employees excited about the needs of our customers? What processes and technologies do we need?

Data Driven Marketing

Management Customer centricity

Workshops & knowledge building



Align internal processes and culture with customer focus

When your employees understand that everyone in the company is responsible for the customer experience, optimal customer focus succeeds. Let your customers feel that the entire company cares about what’s best for them.

Internal customer centricity

Design Thinking

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