Develop and question strategy

Success needs strategy. Is your success strategy really focused on the customer? Nearly every area of your business from marketing to service centers should be optimized from the customer’s perspective to make customer focus your unique selling proposition.

Marketing strategy

Strategy Customer centricity

Understanding customer needs

Whether products, services or communication – you want to offer your customers real added value? You can only succeed if you understand the needs of your clientele. Just ask your customers directly what they expect from you. This works quite simply with persona creation.

Persona Mapping

Target group analysis

Evaluate touchpoints of your customers

Taking every customer experience to its peak – that’s what optimizing your touchpoints with customers is all about. Your customers are convinced of your company and there is no way around you anymore. With the customer journey analysis, we evaluate all possible contact points from the customer’s perspective, identify weak points and develop clear optimization measures for you.

Customer Journey Analysis

Touchpoint analysis

Optimize external perception

How is your company actually perceived? Are you aware of the channels on which external perception takes place? Together, we take a close look at marketing, sales, communication and service and align all areas of your company to customer satisfaction. There is a focus on all digital channels, eCommerce and online advertising.

Touchpoint optimization

Optimize eCommerce

Personalized marketing

Align internal processes and culture with customer focus

When your employees understand that everyone in the company is responsible for the customer experience, optimal customer focus succeeds. Let your customers feel that the entire company cares about what’s best for them.

Internal customer centricity

Design Thinking

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