Touchpoint optimization is based on the analysis of all possible online and offline touchpoints in relation to customer needs. Optimization measures are proposed by us, depending on your wishes, either comprehensively or for selected touchpoints such as websites, eCommerce stores, social media, search engines or online advertising.


A good optimization concept only succeeds through good analysis. Therefore, customer journey mapping and touchpoint analysis are often useful before optimization. However, this is not a must, we will go ahead and help out for you as well:

  • Touchpoints evaluation
  • Needs matrix per touchpoint
  • Custumer Journey Touchpoints
  • Target/actual comparison of customer touchpoints
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Your advantages

Do you know all the touchpoints your company has with the customer? Then do not let go, get better through:

  • Optimization measures per touchpoint
  • Improved customer experience
  • Higher customer loyalty and more new customers
  • Impact-oriented budget allocation for ROI maximization
  • Determination of the optimal marketing processing mix