We work with building blocks and develop the right approach together with you. To help you better understand your customers, we help with analytics, surveys and training like:

  • Data Analytics
  • Surveys
  • Quantitative validation of your personas
  • Persona workshops
  • Persona creation
  • Data-Driven Marketing

Your advantages

With Faktor K, you recognize what makes your customers tick and thus put them in the spotlight. The personas are applicable and validated. We achieve together:

  • Customer-centric strategies
  • Segment and understand target groups
  • Measures for improvement that can be implemented
  • Maketing mix and communication with added value
  • More sales through personalized customer approach

Companies that trust us with persona mapping

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Learn more about personas

With the help of our tested persona creation, you will get to know customer needs better and optimize customer centricity. Focus on the customer and create an experience that is compelling at every touchpoint. We will prepare an offer tailored to your needs. In our persona agency, feasibility and validation count. When we develop personas, we always have in mind that you will have to work with them later on. That’s why we don’t just define, but validate with figures, surveys, AI, studies and data.

Products, services and communication should offer your customers real added value. Persona creation helps you get to know customers better, understand their needs and question what their expectations are at different stages of the customer journey.
The persona extends far beyond an abstract target group definition and also clarifies the usage behavior of specific individuals.

First, determine for which target the personas should be created. Then determine the criteria that best describe your personas, e.g. needs, problems or buying behavior. We recommend to always define the personas qualitatively and quantitatively and to validate them later. Customer surveys, mystery shopping, artificial intelligence, market studies and, of course, data collection and analysis are all suitable for this.

Personas can be located not only in marketing, but in all areas of the company.
As a company, you want to convince people. This can only be achieved if you know these people and their personal needs, goals and challenges as well as possible. Personas are therefore a key part of getting to know customer needs, challenges and goals.