Our target group analysis draws on a variety of sources, including market data, surveys, interviews and company data, to develop an in-depth understanding. We have the necessary knowledge and tools to gain valuable insights from these diverse data sources and create clear target group profiles. Throughout the entire process, we support and promote target group understanding in your company’s departments and teams.

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    FHNW: Target group analysis for the FHNW

    We analyzed the FHNW’s target groups through data analysis, focus interviews and panel surveys, developed valid personas and identified strategic optimization measures.

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  • Oikocredit: Target group analysis and personas for social investments

    With a data-based analysis, target group segmentation and persona creation, we showed strategic fields of action and optimization throughout the entire customer journey.

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  • Persona Definition für melectronics von Faktor K

    Target groups for melectronics

    Personas identified and quantified through data analysis enable optimization of the customer journey and personalized customer communication.

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We show you in an uncomplicated way what potential and existing customers expect from your company. We take a targeted approach and implement it for you:

  • Comprehensive data analyses, surveys, focus interviews
  • Creation of target group segments
  • Data-supported pattern recognition
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Implementation in processes
  • Continuous performance monitoring

The advantages

Our services enable effective, targeted marketing and maximize the success of all customer approaches in the customer journey

  • Addressing target groups more effectively
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Cost savings
  • Better customer loyalty
  • Increase in ROI

Companies that trust us for target group analysis

In B2C and B2B, from manufacturing to the consumer goods industry – our broad industry experience enriches every project, regardless of size and location. Your company and your customers count with us.

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With simple and uncomplicated customer analysis techniques, you can find out what your customers want. Target group analyses help with the positioning of your brand and customer optimization puts your company on the road to success. Our processes also support the optimization of websites, customer journeys and marketing tools.