From your customer data and with targeted customer survey concepts, we learn more about the characteristics and needs of your customers. These are used to evaluate customer cluster and segments.


With the help of our uncomplicated questioning techniques, you will find out what the customer expects from you. We use the following tools to do this:

  • Customer surveys
  • Panel surveys
  • Cluster, segmentation and data analysis
  • Evaluation of customer and target group needs
  • Persona creation

Your advantages

You learn more about the buyer segments and the buying behavior of your customers and get to know the wishes of your customers through:

  • Customer-centric strategies
  • Improve customer understanding
  • Quantitative customer view
  • Segmented customer analysis

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With simple and straightforward customer analysis techniques, you can find out what your customers want. Target group analyses help position your brand and customer optimization puts your company on the road to success. Our processes also support you in optimizing websites, customer journeys and marketing tools.