• Oikocredit: Customer Journey and Data Driven Marketing

    Faktor K developed targeted, data-based marketing strategies for Oikocredit. These personalization measures led to a significant increase in conversion rates and customer engagement.

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  • RE/MAX: Marketing conception and implementation

    After our analysis, we revised the marketing mix and defined clear customer journeys. On website, social media and Google, we aligned technology, messages and content actively and performance-oriented.

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  • Reuter: Optimization for eCommmerce Respionse

    After analyzing consumer behavior, we optimized the customer journey of the online specialty retailer for bathrooms and plumbing with 80+ for all marketing and sales measures.

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  • Manor: Social media with a customer focus

    The task was to pick up the different target groups on the right social media channels and convince them with the right content. With the new social media concept, Manor guarantees that followers feel well met.

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We analyze your target groups, check your website key figures and test the usability of your entire e-commerce measures. This analysis enables us to understand the customer’s needs precisely and to clearly indicate where technical, content-related or strategic optimization is required. On this basis, a user guidance concept is created with sound approaches in personalization and data-driven marketing for your website and advertising measures. We align Ihe e-commerce with the customer, work clearly implementable and increase performance.


Join us in turning your eCommerce into a strong sales channel through

  • Data analysis website and eCommerce measures
  • Customer Journey Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization eCommerce
  • Optimization concept online store
  • Personaslation concepts and data-driven marketing
  • Actionable optimizations for Google advertising, SEO, social media, email marketing, display.

Your advantages

With our eCommerce optimization concept tailored to the needs of the customer, you get

  • Optimized conversion rate and sales increase
  • Differentiated target group outreach for better converion rates
  • Optimization of your website, online store and all digital advertising activities
  • Clear key figures and reporting concept

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eCommerce optimization tailored to your business and the needs of your customers will automatically get you noticed. And that, in turn, gets you further in terms of search engine optimization and Google ranking. With our clear optimization concepts, you increase customer satisfaction. Through effective conversion optimization, you’ll get your ROI going and benefit from more sales from more customers.