Nespresso: Customer Service Optimization

We optimized all service touchpoints for Nespresso based on in-depth data analyses and panel surveys. Customer focus workshops also strengthened the customer orientation of service employees.

FHNW: Target group analysis for the university

We analyzed the target groups of the FHNW through data analysis, focus interviews and panel surveys, developed valid personas and identified optimization approaches for the website touchpoint.

Oikocredit: Customer journey analysis & marketing automation

Faktor K developed targeted, data-based marketing strategies for Oikocredit. These personalization measures led to an increase in the conversion rate and customer engagement.

RE/MAX: Marketing conception and implementation

Faktor K was commissioned to develop a marketing strategy for four different target groups. In addition, we created an e-commerce concept to improve lead generation and optimized the website in terms of design and user experience. Adjustments and extensions to the marketing mix were also part of the tasks.

Manor: Social media concept with customer focus

The task was to pick up the different target groups on the right social media channels and convince them with the right content. Our solution was a clear channel strategy with defined topics based on customer needs and trends on the platforms.

Reuter: Customer journey analysis for e-commerce store

Analysis of Swiss consumer behavior and alignment of the customer journey with over 80 concrete measures and fields of action for all touchpoints of customers of online specialist retailers for bathrooms and sanitary ware.

melectronics: Persona definition and validation for electrical retailers

Faktor K defined melectronics’ new personas with the help of focus interviews, surveys and data analyses. In addition, clear segmentation criteria were defined to identify the personas in the course of the customer journey.

Walder Schuhe: Persona definition, design, implementation

With the help of empathy maps, new personas were defined and designed to a high standard. With workshops, internal surveys and constant communication measures, we explain the personas in the company and coach their application.

Bertschi-Café: design concept and e-commerce strategy

Faktor K redesigned the advertising material and the e-commerce store with a strong focus on the customer. For marketing, we relied on end-to-end social media templates, a customer-centric theme plan and performance marketing via Google Ads and social ads.