Aim of the customer

The client wanted new designs for all advertising materials, an optimization of the e-commerce store and an improvement in marketing via Google and social media.

Faktor K performance

  • Data Analysis
  • Google advertising
  • Optimization webshop
  • Social media concept and advertising
  • Design advertising material


The new, improved design and the optimization of the online store have significantly increased the company’s sales figures. Among other things, this is also due to the improved usability of the webshop. Through targeted Google advertising, SEA and SEO, sales could be increased. The optimized social media design, including new topic planning, allowed the community to grow steadily.

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The marketing term Customer Journey, also called Buyer’s Journey or Users Journey, defines the individual phases that a customer goes through before deciding to buy a product or service and beyond. As an optimal tool, customer journey analysis can perfectly align communication and user experience with individual touchpoints to meet the needs of your different target groups.

Successful touchpoint management recognizes the most important touchpoints between customers and companies in order to optimally accompany customers through the customer journey. It is the task of companies to know and manage these fundamental touch points. Customer touchpoint management refers to corporate measures aimed at providing customers with the most positive experience possible across all touchpoints with a company. Touchpoint management initiatives are primarily aimed at strengthening customer relationships, generating new customers, and optimizing customer purchasing processes.

With customer experience management, a company controls and orchestrates customer interactions. With coordinated measures, CEM pursues the goal of improving the customer experience via the contact points (touchpoints) and creating memorable experiences. In developing and designing a comprehensive customer experience, you will secure a competitive advantage and unique market differentiation in the future.