Aim of the customer

  • Marketing strategy for four stakeholder groups
  • eCommerce concept for improved lead generation
  • Optimization of website in design and journey
  • Adaptation and expansion of the marketing mix

Faktor K performance

  • Initial situation
  • Review positioning and personas
  • Optimization Customer Journey Concept
  • Optimization marketing mix
  • Revision brand platform
  • Implmentation new website, lead funnel, SEA, SEO social media, web analytics


After the analysis phase, the marketing mix was redefined and a clear customer journey was defined for all target groups. Throughout the marketing mix, brand platforms and the needs of personas were considered. In the implementation of marketing channels such as website, social media and Google advertising, the technical control as well as messages and content were optimized and performance-oriented for each target group. This greatly optimized the overall response and boosted traffic overall.


Faktor K works with great dedication and know-how to optimize our customer approach. We value the targeted approach to our diverse target groups and the competent advice of our network partners.

Seraina Rampoldi

COO, RE/MAX Switzerland - House of Real Estate

More customer focus in marketing

RE/MAX appeals to real estate prospects, sellers and new franchisees with a variety of services. Within the network itself, marketing materials are provided for the more than 80 locations. In marketing, this means that every measure must be examined and aligned with the respective claim group. With a clear customer journey, Faktor K was able to precisely define the needs of the different target groups for each marketing channel. The basis for this was a three-stage marketing concept, which defines the communication measures for each target group. On this basis, the website was redesigned, the social media concept redefined, lead generation optimized and the complete eCommerce marketing via SEO, SEA and display implemented.

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Optimize marketing strategy

Efficient marketing can contribute greatly to the success in the company. Used correctly, marketing not only helps to attract new customers, but also to consistently increase profitability.

The marketing and the corresponding marketing measures are always directed at the target group. Targets, strategy and marketing instruments are all geared to the target customers. However, the heart of marketing is the marketing concept, which describes all marketing measures in detail.

A mature marketing concept determines which channels and marketing initiatives should be used to achieve the set business goals. It also specifies at what time which measures will take place.
It includes defining the persona(s), pricing, and what features will set your company apart from the competition. A holistic marketing concept thus forms the foundation for the design of your entire marketing.

Successful touchpoint management recognizes the most important touchpoints between customers and companies in order to optimally accompany customers through the customer journey. It is the task of companies to know and manage these fundamental touch points. Customer touchpoint management refers to corporate measures aimed at providing customers with the most positive experience possible across all touchpoints with a company. Touchpoint management initiatives are primarily aimed at strengthening customer relationships, generating new customers, and optimizing customer purchasing processes.