Persona Definition für melectronics von Faktor K

Aim of the customer

  • Create data-based and highly validated personas for different purchasing needs

Faktor K performance

  • Evaluation of focus interviews
  • CRM data analysis
  • Purchasing Data Analysis
  • Market data analysis
  • Creation of the personas
  • Touchpoint optimization
Persona Definition für melectronics von Faktor K


The evaluation and analyses result in personas, which are now quantitatively backed up with data. This allows the company to meet its different user types in terms of design and functionality. In addition, segmentation criteria were worked out that allow customers to be picked up more effectively in the web store through personalized communication.


Based on focus interviews, customer surveys and data, Faktor K defined new, valid personas for us. The cooperation with Faktor is at eye level, is always oriented towards practice and guarantees 100% feasibility.

Luke Vasvary

Head of Marketing Communications & E-Commerce, melectronics

Personas - without ifs and buts

If personas are only defined on the basis of internal assumptions, doubts and critical queries within the company are inevitable. It was important to melectronic that the new personas are valid and that statements on the persona map are backed by clear figures. Faktor K’s analytical work guaranteed that the needs of the personas could be applied in a provable and doubtless way.

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Personas are a kind of prototype for the largest customer groups for a company and can be applied throughout the company. In marketing, you’ll help communications and advertising become more customer-focused. In the case of social media, the personas support the topic planning. In the online store, content can be segmented out as soon as the personas are recognized on the basis of clever data.

Personas should be viewed as part of the business strategy and used as such. If a company does not know its target group, incorrect deductions can be made in the course of the complete strategy definition and implementation.
Once the general personas are in place, their content can be expanded for social media management and sales activities, for example.

When we define your personas at Faktor K, we gather information from a wide variety of sources and opportunities for validation. This is a process in which the personas can always adapt. Based on key figures and internal focus interviews, theses on the influencing factors, channels, needs are initially established. These theses must subsequently be validated. To do this, we use customer surveys, targeted market research, web analytics data, customer data, market data and market studies, and social media audience insights. Each statement on the peronamap gets a valideration ranking.

This has the advantage that measures in the company are now taken on the basis of validated information