When we create a touchpoint analysis, we focus on your goals and the needs of your different target groups. We use customer journey mapping as one method. We also conduct workshops, as well as mystery shopping and data analysis to define all touch points.


With the touchpoint analysis, you can see in which areas of your company there is still a lot of potential lying dormant. We support you with:

  • Touchpoints evaluation
  • Needs matrix per touchpoint
  • Pain points per touchpoint
  • Marketing mix concept

Your advantages

Identify and optimize all touch points with your customers through:

  • In-depth as-is analysis of all touchpoints
  • Understanding customer expectations at every touch point
  • Determination of the optimal marketing processing mix
  • Impact-oriented budget allocation for ROI maximization

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You can get rid of any fear of contact. Stay in mindful contact with your customers at all touch points, you get something valuable: uniqueness. Set yourself apart from the competition with a qualitative and professional touchpoint analysis.