Aim of the customer

  • Build new personas and present them well
  • Bringing employees closer to the benefits of personas
  • Support the company in sustainably building up customer centricity

Faktor K performance

  • Personas refined
  • visual persona design
  • Implementation support
  • Coaching of the employees


The new goals can be implemented sustainably through the personas that have been created. Faktor K designed the personas inhat and graphically in such a way that a good understanding could be built up among the employees at each company level. The initial rollout was successful, and is now being supported by a steady internal communications concept and employee surveys.


Working with Faktor K is a great pleasure. We are thrilled with the meaningful content and high-quality design of the personas. We see clearly. that everyone in the company can work so much better with the personas.

Daniel Walder

CEO, Walder Schuhe

Keeping a constant eye on customers

The first step to customer focus is to understand customers and represent their needs in personas. At Walder Schuhe, the selection of the contents on the persona description were always chosen with a view to practicability and applicability. The practical design was equally important to make the personas easy and understandable for all employees.

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Products, services and communication should offer your customers real added value. Persona creation helps you get to know customers better, understand their needs and question what their expectations are at different stages of the customer journey.
The persona extends far beyond an abstract target group definition and also clarifies the usage behavior of specific individuals.

First, determine for which target the personas should be created. Then determine the criteria that best describe your personas, e.g. needs, problems or buying behavior. We recommend to always define the personas qualitatively and quantitatively and to validate them later. Customer surveys, mystery shopping, market studies and, of course, data collection and analysis are suitable for this purpose.

Personas can be located not only in marketing, but in all areas of the company.
As a company, you want to convince people. This can only be achieved if you know these people and their personal needs, goals and challenges as well as possible. Personas are therefore a key part of getting to know customer needs, challenges and goals.