Aim of the customer

  • Align current social media strategy with more customer focus
  • Develop a new customer-focused social media concept

Faktor K performance

  • Data Analysis
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Social media concept


The new concept was set up so efficiently that it was possible to improve the allocation to the different social media channels and to discuss which customers are addressed on which channels and how they are best picked up.


I have come to know Faktor K as absolute marketing professionals. The customer is the focus and with a lot of commitment and hands-on mentality our social media strategy was pushed and implemented.

Sabine Engler

Head of Customer Engagement, Manor AG

More customer focus with social media

Users only follow companies if they receive exciting topics and added value. Social media should also be fun and always show the latest trends. With the new social media concept, Manor guarantees that followers feel well met along their customer journey. Depending on the phase and social media channel, they learn about the latest products, discover exciting DIY videos and benefit from valuable tips for beauty, fashion and interior design.

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Social media is an in important part of a company’s marketing mix. Customers use Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest & Co. at various stages of their customer journey. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how social media can be used along the customer journey. It is important that information needs change in the Journey and that the use of social media channels also adapts.

The marketing term Customer Journey, also called Buyer’s Journey or Users Journey, defines the individual phases that a customer goes through before deciding to buy a product or service and beyond. As an optimal tool, customer journey analysis can perfectly align communication and user experience with individual touchpoints to meet the needs of your different target groups.

Successful touchpoint management recognizes the most important touchpoints between customers and companies in order to optimally accompany customers through the customer journey. It is the task of companies to know and manage these fundamental touch points. Customer touchpoint management refers to corporate measures aimed at providing customers with the most positive experience possible across all touchpoints with a company. Touchpoint management initiatives are primarily aimed at strengthening customer relationships, generating new customers, and optimizing customer purchasing processes.