Aim of the customer

  • an analysis of the consumer behavior of the Swiss for the company that is already successful in Germany and large parts of Europe
  • Based on this, the customer journey in CH is to be aligned and optimized

Faktor K performance

  • Data Analysis
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Customer surveys based on focus interviews
  • Creation of the personas
  • Creation of Customer Journey
  • Touchpoint optimization concept


Two main strategic levers were developed to better align market performance with the target group. This makes it possible for the companies have succeeded in eliminating uncertainty among consumers and supporting them in the decision-making process in a way that creates trust. Interaction points like such as web presence, newsletter strategy, etc. were adapted in this respect.


It is important to us to focus on our customers. Based on analyses and consumer surveys, Faktor K developed concrete fields of action and over 80 actionable measures for us to further improve our customer journey in the Swiss market.

Ardian Berisha

Managing Director Reuter CH AG

Swiss consumers in focus

There are specific customer needs in each country. Reuter’s goal is to provide the best possible experience for its international customers. In Switzerland, Reuter placed great emphasis on a customer journey analysis with a strong basis in market and consumer studies. With a survey of more than 1,000 Swiss people, it is now clear what the target journey for an optimal customer experience should look like.

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The marketing term Customer Journey, also called Buyer’s Journey or Users Journey, defines the individual phases that a customer goes through before deciding to buy a product or service and beyond. As an optimal tool, customer journey analysis can perfectly align communication and user experience with individual touchpoints to meet the needs of your different target groups.

Successful touchpoint management recognizes the most important touchpoints between customers and companies in order to optimally accompany customers through the customer journey. It is the task of companies to know and manage these fundamental touch points. Customer touchpoint management refers to corporate measures aimed at providing customers with the most positive experience possible across all touchpoints with a company. Touchpoint management initiatives are primarily aimed at strengthening customer relationships, generating new customers, and optimizing customer purchasing processes.

With customer experience management, a company controls and orchestrates customer interactions. With coordinated measures, CEM pursues the goal of improving the customer experience via the contact points (touchpoints) and creating memorable experiences. In developing and designing a comprehensive customer experience, you will secure a competitive advantage and unique market differentiation in the future.